We specialise in recruitment, headhunting, relocation and onboarding services


Scancruit is a recruitment agency. We help our business clients with recruiting candidates and relocating services worldwide. We also assist those looking for new job opportunities by connecting them with the right company. We do this through our dedicated team of full-time staff in Denmark, Spain, and the UAE.

We play an active and very thorough role in the recruitment of candidates, right from the start of the recruiting process, through the job offer stage and finally to the onboarding process. We’ll advertise the job and ensure that it receives maximum exposure. We’ll also identify the right candidate for the role in question. And finally, we’ll help to integrate that candidate into their new life, wherever their role requires relocation.

Our network of specialized professionals allows us to deliver results to companies seeking to establish a presence worldwide. Our talented and knowledgeable staff can offer expert advice in HR, recruitment, and security — we’ve got more than eight years of experience in the field to draw from. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to handle the final recruitment decision yourself, thanks to our Search and Selection service.

Our core value is ‘we value people’ and this underpins everything that we do. We believe that the right people make the difference between success and failure. This doesn’t just mean identifying the right person for a particular job, it also means integrating them into the new work environment in the right way — through meticulous onboarding.

What can we do for your company?

Recruiting candidates and relocating services



When working with Scancruit you will get professional help with finding the right employee to your company.



With more than 8+ years of experience, we are more than capable of finding the perfect candidate for you.



We strive to retain excellent relations with both candidate and company during and after the process.



We will help to integrate the candidate into their new work and life, wherever their role requires relocation.



Scancruit have the right knowledge and experience of recruitment to help you find the right candidate for the job.


Search and selection

You will have the opportunity to handle the final recruitment process and the final selection of your future employee.

Grow Your Company With The Right Talents

hiring the right employee could spell the difference
between success and failure.